Know Your Risk

Risk tolerance is an important component in investing.  A person's age, investment goals, income, and comfort level all play an important roll in determining their risk tolerance. 

Do the up's and down's of the market keep you up and night?  Are you worried your investments are not keeping up with the cost of living? We can help you understand your risk score and what it means for your financial future.

Don't worry it is not like grade school!  There is no such thing as a failing grade!  

Fill out the form below with your name, email address and the word RISK in the question box and we will email you a 6 question assessment which will give you a score from 0 - 100.

Did you score a 0 (money under the mattress - conservative investor)? Did you score a 100 (driving in the fast lane with no break - aggressive investor)? Or somewhere in between?

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