One-Day Adventures the Whole Family Can Enjoy

One-Day Adventures the Whole Family Can Enjoy

July 13, 2022

Looking for Some New Family Fun Options?

Are you having a hard time coming up with new ways to spend a free day together that everyone can get excited about? Here are some ideas for family adventures you can have in a single day.

It’s Saturday again—yay! Or maybe it’s just another summer day. But you don’t want another weekend to slip by with everyone glued to their devices. How can you branch out and find some fun ways to spend the day together? Take a look at these ideas and discover some local options that you haven’t tried yet.

Water is always a hit. Especially in the summer, water attractions are a sure-fire success. Communities often run free or very low-cost splash pads through the hot months, while some even offer swimming pools. If you live near the beach, that’s a great option, but if not, you can also look for lake or river spots near you. Finally, water parks come at a cost but are sure to create a fun-filled day (and if you live close, they might offer season passes at a reasonable price).

Get away in your own city. It’s always exciting to spend the night in a hotel—even if you’re not going anywhere! Book a hotel nearby and take advantage of the cozy beds (also great for jumping), amenities (ahem, is there a pool?), breakfast options, and just having a change of scenery. You and your family will feel like you’re on vacation for a day.

Find a new hiking trail. Explore the state and local parks near you for hiking options. You might discover some beautiful views, a nice spot for a picnic lunch, or a bit of a challenge to enjoy accomplishing together. Be sure to check the difficulty, length, safety concerns (snakes, heat), and accessibility (especially for strollers) of a trail before getting out there. Then, enjoy being unplugged and outdoors!

Think like a tourist. What attractions do you have nearby? A theme or amusement park would be lots of fun, and parks often have deals you can take advantage of as a nearby resident. There are also attractions that come and go, like a carnival or special exhibit at a museum. Speaking of which, many science centers and museums are designed with kids in mind—interactive, engaging, and entertaining as well as educational—making them excellent one-day family adventures.

Money is usually an object. It’s healthy and good for families to get creative by thinking of ways to have fun together without spending too much money. However, it’s okay—and even realistic—to envision a world in which you are able to entertain your family and spend a day out without having to worry about the cost. Email us to talk about your current budget’s room for family fun, but also your long-term goals for recreational spending.

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