Go Back to School at Your Age? Why Not!

Go Back to School at Your Age? Why Not!

December 07, 2022

Why Going Back to School After Retirement Isn’t Such a Crazy Idea

As you peek into the future to see what retirement might look like for you, have you considered the possibility of returning to school? You might be surprised at how reasonable and beneficial it could be to do so after retirement.

Every now and then, around commencement time, we see headlines about people graduating college in their 80s or 90s. These graduates show us that we’re never too old to learn new things or achieve the goals and aspirations we once envisioned for ourselves. Whether you’ve already got a degree or not, think about how education could factor into your retirement pre-planning.

Keep your mind sharp. In addition to eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise, continuing to learn new things improves the brain’s neuroplasticity, which helps keep it sharp. This is especially crucial as we age. Reading, language learning apps, and hobbyist groups are just a few things that could expand your mind, but sometimes there’s nothing like a classroom for some hands-on learning.

Skip the grades (and the expensive tuition). There are several free or low-cost options for non-traditional students who want to go back to school. For example, many colleges and universities may allow you to audit classes. This means that you can show up for class, participate in discussions, and do assignments, but because you aren’t getting college credit, you don’t have to worry about grades. You also might not have to pay tuition, or at least not the same tuition as degree-seeking students. Your local university or community college might also offer select continuing education classes at a reduced price.

Get social. School is a great place to meet new people with similar interests. On a college campus, you have the benefit of interaction with students of all ages—as well as faculty members. Engaging with a variety of people in this setting can be truly invigorating. Your classmates can also benefit from your more experienced perspective in the classroom as well.

Explore new interests. You’re in a unique position where you don’t have to worry about preparing for a career, so you have the flexibility of taking classes on just about anything. Creative writing? Psychology? A foreign language? What topics do you find yourself wishing you knew more about? This is your chance to learn more about it—just for fun!

We’re here to help with retirement pre-planning. If you’re thinking of going back to school after you retire, you’ll likely want some guidance in exploring cost-effective options near you. Call me today—I’d love to talk to you about it.

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Wherever your goals take you, we can help you get there. We help our clients to navigate these and other important decisions that impact their economic future.

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