Feeling Stuck? Try Setting a Few Mid-Year Resolutions

Feeling Stuck? Try Setting a Few Mid-Year Resolutions

June 30, 2022

Get Your Goals Back on Track with some Mid-Year Resolutions

The middle of the year is a perfect opportunity to set goals (or to revisit the goals you set at the beginning of the year). Get out of the rut of routine and give yourself a fresh start to the rest of the year by setting some mid-year resolutions.

Are you feeling a bit of whiplash as the months fly by? In January, it feels like there is so much time ahead of us to work on those new year’s resolutions. Then, before we know it, here we are in June wondering how the year is half over! However, this is a prime opportunity—we still have enough time in the year to adjust, recommit, or even set some new resolutions. You can call these your “mid-year resolutions.”

It’s time to be realistic. Think back to January (or, if you were more proactive, December of last year). Did you fall into the trap of setting too many resolutions at once, or setting goals that weren’t attainable right now? This is the perfect time to reevaluate those resolutions, taking into account the demands on your time and energy. You’ll also be able to consider what you’ve learned as you’ve worked on your goals so far. You might decide to focus on just one goal that is taking more work than you anticipated (or one that you’ve identified as more important than the others). On the other hand, you might take one of your goals and set a more practical milestone to reach.

It’s time to recommit. Did you start strong on any of your resolutions, only to lose motivation or to find life piling on top of you as the year went on? Gyms across the country, who consistently report much higher numbers in January than the rest of the year, prove that you’re not alone. Instead of letting those goals die and waiting for next year, you can recommit now. Do you need an accountability partner? Is there something that’s not working that you can try differently? Figure out what you need to accomplish those goals this year, and then make a plan for the next six months. Come next January, you’ll be grateful you did!

Is it time to set new goals? A lot can happen in half a year, and old resolutions might not be as relevant anymore. Have you had any new ideas lately for goals that you want to set? There are likely things on your mind that weren’t there, or at least weren’t as present, at the start of the year. Maybe there is a new goal that you are feeling motivated to set. You don’t have to wait and risk losing that momentum—take advantage of the steam, and make it happen now!

Financial goals? That’s on us. It’s also an ideal time to reevaluate your current financial goals. Call us. We’d love to be your sounding board as you reevaluate, recommit, or reset your financial strategies for this year.

Lean on me. As a financial professional, I’m here to help you with your financial goals. If money management has you flustered, call me for an appointment. Together, we can work out strategies to save you time, lighten your load, and help you implement your financial plans.

Wherever your goals take you, we can help you get there. We help our clients to navigate these and other important decisions that impact their economic future.

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